A high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sale of fire equipment products
Talented people
We are a fellow traveler, a partner, a family. In our respective positions, we play different specialties and stimulate different energies. In one thing, we share the same idea and strengthen the same identity. Is the foundation of moral righteousness, correct, selfless dedication, caring service is earnest, is honest team ethos. It is the opposite of all bad manners and the portrayal of all Hong an employees.
Respect the meaning of the public
Compliance is the way of the management of Hong An. It allows Hong An to achieve all the achievements of today and the future. We fully respect the views of every employee and pursue the collective consensus and the direction of the forward in the true recognition and understanding. In Hong An, respect, understanding, communication, expression, consensus, internalization, is a natural and natural key word.
Competition and progress
The competition brings vitality, collision and inspiration; competition brings self introspection, and encourage each other. Competition evoles the inertia in the front, awakens the occasional sleepy sense of crisis, and avoids the danger of ease. Thanks to the outstanding competitors, we should not forget to take care of that.
Fair opportunity
Here, every individual is full of tension and possibility. Here, the tension and the possibility do not touch the invisible boundary. Here, we have broken the boundary with the fair and open path and bold human resources system design, and ensured and encouraged every colleague to challenge and try more valuable work at the right time.
Quality win reputation
Quality is the careful care for people's safety, the steadfast guarantee for partners, the meticulous polishing of technological refinement, the meticulous quality control and the brilliant smile of after-sales service, and the condensation of each Hong An's professional experience and life value.
Innovation and development
Each of the changes to the industry and the consequent far-reaching impact comes from the great innovation of fully reading the needs of the user. We follow occasionally, but we don't pass every opportunity to lead the industry. We have been so, the future will be so, we are happy to do so.